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Meeperme’s 50 Follower Giveaway! Yay!

I hit 50 6,000 followers and I have all this shit so hey! Let’s do a giveaway!


  • You must be following me to be eligible to win. I will be checking!
  • Likes and reblogs both count!
  • You may reblog as much as you want, just don’t spam your followers!
  • No side/giveaway blogs please!
  • I will pick a few winners. Winning does not guarantee EVERYTHING in this picture. It will be split up.
  • You must be okay with giving me your address!

Items include!~

  • All the Anime DVDs pictured!
  • Manga pictured, and much more.
  • Pictured Pokemon Movies/DVDs
  • Bamboo Create drawing tablet!
  • My old Bamboo Pen tablet.
  • Karkat and Terezi Horns with troll facepaint.
  • About 500 erasers (pictured)
  • Death Note wallscrolls
  • Various figurines (pictured)
  • Hello Kitty bag
  • Tokidoki and Hello Kitty iPhone 4 cases
  • Aperture Science scarf
  • Plush Tarepanda! :3
  • Lion hat and fox hat.
  • Gold Skullcandy Lowrider headphones

You may message me any questions you have! :D

Ends May 25th!

Hey hey hey this ends tomorrow :3

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Hey! Listen! 

It’s giveaway time, my fellow Hylians, and the theme is The Legend of Zelda. 

Four weeks from today (Sunday, April 14th), I will select FOUR winners from a random sequence generator, based on whoever reblogs or likes this post. The first winner will get first choice of a prize and so on. The last winner is stuck with what’s left, but I mean… any Zelda prize is better than no Zelda prize, amirite?

The Prizes:

  • Triforce Items T-Shirt (you get to choose the size and color of black, green, or silver)
  • Manga Box Set
  • Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Twilight Princess Fabric Wall Scroll

Da Rules (Grumble, Grumble):

  • THERE ARE NO RULES. (I’m lying; I just felt like being dramatic)
  • If you win, I will announce it and message you. Your ask box must be on. You must be willing to give me your address. You must reply within one week or I’ll choose another winner.
  • I will NOT let a “giveaway blog” win.


  • I genuinely do not care how many times you reblog this. They’ll all count. So will likes.
  • You do NOT have to be following me to win, because I’m not an asshole.
  • I’ll ship anywhere. Anywhere. If you live in Antarctica, I’ll ship there, and I might even include penguin treats.

That’s it. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 

Let’s play!

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Done with people and done with people on the internet what makes it so people become assholes?

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roastbeefywheafs Asked: Thanks for the follow and I gotta ask. Do you Yoyo???

oh yes i do, casually now before I was so into it

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Credits to the respective owner(s).

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Judal Picspam from  ✩ Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 16th Night.

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Watching Magi reminds me when bunch of new anime series came out back in 06 but was done right

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